Hi friends! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy. It’s been a minute since I’ve written my last blog – I guess in all honesty I haven’t been really sure what to post. The world is certainly a crazy place right now. It’s been about 8 weeks now since the Illinois COVID19 ‘Stay at Home’ mandate has been in effect (although I’m losing track of time) and I think it’s safe to say our lives have changed considerably since then. There have been quite a few major changes in my life, and I wanted to share some of the updates that have occurred over the past few weeks, as well as some of the realizations I’ve come to during this whole ordeal. So, without further ado….

Update #1: We got a puppy!

Meet our new puppy, Hector! He is a 6-month-old Pitbull mix that we rescued just about a week ago. We adopted him from a Chicago rescue that specializes in bully breeds called Peace for Pitts. Many of their dogs come from “high kill” facilities across Illinois. Their mission is to save as many of these dogs from euthanasia as possible.

Hector is such a sweetie and want to say hi to everyone he passes on the street. He loves belly rubs and endless cuddles.  We have been wanting a puppy for quite a while now, but between work, vacations and life, the timing was never right. Since Gerry and I are both home now 24/7 for at least another month, we decided this was the perfect time. He is such a joy to have at home. Looking forward to sharing lots of Hector yoga videos and pictures soon. Adopt don’t shop!

XoStephMorgan Steph Morgan Stephanie Morgan Chicago
XoStephMorgan Steph Morgan Stephanie Morgan Chicago
XoStephMorgan Steph Morgan Stephanie Morgan Chicago
XoStephMorgan Steph Morgan Stephanie Morgan Chicago
XoStephMorgan Steph Morgan Stephanie Morgan Chicago

Update #2: I lost my job at the yoga studio

I found out about 2 weeks into quarantine that I was laid off from my Assistant Manager position at CorePower Yoga due to Coronavirus. Teaching yoga and managing the studio has my main source of income for several years and losing that was definitely a hard blow. It’s been a weird and emotional adjustment period to say the least. If you’ve also been laid off and are still struggling to come to terms with it, know that you are not alone.

Update #3: I’ve had a serious change in mindset

Since the “Stay at Home” mandate began, I have been really focused on learning new skills and focusing time on things I haven’t had the opportunity, time, or energy for in years. I have been watching webinars, listening to podcasts, updating my portfolio, networking, and generally upping my game as a blogger.

I decided to hire a business coach and have been getting really serious about what I want for my blog and my business. I started taking branding & social media courses and have studied for hours every single day. I have taken this time to really focus on my own personal growth, and to tune into my confidence rather than listening to my fears.

This experience has been a much-needed wake up call for me to realize the importance of slowing down once and a while. I give my heart and soul to my job and my work, so much that I sometimes forget to fill my own cup. Hopefully this will forever be a reminder of how important it is to take time to do the things you love, and to never stop bettering yourself. I want to always be a student, and always be learning. I’m excited to show you all the changes I am making to my life and my blog over the next few months!

Update #4: I’m taking my yoga classes virtual!

I really do miss teaching yoga, and I especially miss my students. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have taught several yoga classes via “Instagram Live” over the past few weeks.  I love the IG Live platform, but it’s starting to get saturated and there seems to be a lot of tech issues popping up due to music licensing and glitches within the app. The live videos are also only available for 24 hours after I post them. Because of that, I have decided to move my classes to my YouTube Channel! I’m starting to record different levels & lengths of yoga classes for you to practice at home, including my most recent 15-minute yoga class! Check it out HERE. Also, please note that video editing is not my specialty.  I know they aren’t exactly high production quality, but I’m doing my best and I’m learning a little more with each one. So please bear with me while I grow – I will get there soon!

I do have to say, I am SO grateful for the fitness community and all the people in the yoga and boutique gyms in the city who came together and provided free workouts for people at home. I had never worked out at home before this whole thing happened. And in all honesty, it’s not my favorite. I miss the community of a physical gym, being in the heat, having real instructors and using real equipment & props (soup can weights just don’t cut it for me).  But I truly believe I would have lost my mind without the home workouts, live videos, and Instagram pushup challenges. Forever grateful and indebted to the gyms & people that came together to help us breathe, move, and feel better.

Although this is a crazy and scary situation, we always have the opportunity to learn and grow from the things that challenge us. I would love to hear what you’ve learned from the last few weeks in quarantine! Let me know in the comments section below!

Also, a BIG thank you to all the first responders and anyone working on the front lines that are risking their lives every day to help people they don’t even know. Sending endless amounts of love and gratitude to you all. THANK YOU!

Photos by Elena Cuellar

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