As someone who has tried and worn hundreds of different workout clothing brands, my standards are pretty high when it comes to activewear. Every so often, I am totally blown away by the products of certain brands. Montiel is one of those brands!

Based in Los Angeles, Montiel is a small company that focuses on yoga & lifestyle activewear. Believe me when I say that these are hands down the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. They feel like absolute butter when you try them on, and they hug every part of your body without squeezing. I have forever had issues with full length leggings because of my height. A lot of leggings tend to get bigger at the ankle and look baggy unless I roll them up. Not with these leggings. They fit me like a glove and are flattering from every angle! I also love the way the waistline hits me at the smallest part of my body, making me feel great during my practice! For reference, I’m wearing a size small in the black and white High Waisted Legging.

I tried 3 different styles of Montiel bras: The Teardrop Bra (In Black and White), The Thalia Bra (In Peach Melba), and The Trixy Bra (In Black and White). All of their sports bras are extremely comfortable, made of quality fabric, and super cute! I’m a huge fan of Montiel’s minimalist style with beautiful strap detailing. The bras are great for yoga, but the Teardrop Bra and Thalia Bra are definitely better for low impact workouts such as vinyasa or hot yoga. The Trixy Bra has a bit more support, and I had no issues running or jumping with it on. They also translate really well from the studio to streetwear & athleisure! 

Apart from just the aesthetics of the outfit, I put the brand to the test by wearing these products to some of my most intense yoga sculpt classes. For those of you who have never sculpted before, it’s a yoga format with a combination of weights, cardio and high intensity interval training (AKA Lots of sweating!) The leggings were not see-through at all, and the bra held me during cardio and even burpees! The material is super breathable and feels like a second skin while working out. It also dries really quickly, which is always a bonus!

I would highly recommend checking out this brand! Their prices are reasonable, and worth every single penny. Check them out at

Photography by Shanti Knight

* Note I was gifted these items in exchange for my truthful review  

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